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Gutter Installation & Repair

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300 Dominion Drive, Suite 201
Morrisville, North Carolina 27560
Specializing in all season sunrooms, three season sunrooms and screen rooms; screen room conversions; carports

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506 West Summit Avenue
Charlotte, North Carolina 28203
Custom gutters and downspouts; leaf-proof gutter covers and screens; gutter and roof cleaning; residential and commercial replacement and new installation of: 3-tab and architectural style shingles, slate, tile, metal, cedar, and flat roof; roof leak repairs; emergency leak repairs and tarping; skylight and sun tunnels installation and repairs; custom made chimney caps/spark arresters; chimney crown sealing; soffit vents; power fans; ridge vent installation; fascia and plywood damage repairs; drip edge; custom sheet metal fabrication including cupolas; bay windows, architectural features and siding.

Gutter Installation and Repair Tips

Gutters systems are designed to collect and carry water safely away from your home, preventing many home repair issues. When they fail, gutters can deposit gallons of water near your home’s foundation, causing water to leak into living areas and your basement. Problem gutters can also wash out landscaping, erode dirt from underneath driveways, patios, and walkways, and damage the wooden components of your home. Finally, as faulty gutters create standing water near your home, they attract both mosquito and termite colonies. Find "Homeowner Approved" gutter contractors in Charlotte here.

“Traditional” gutter systems are made of aluminum and attached to your home using gutter spikes or hidden hangers. Both techniques are functional but, as the name implies, hidden hangers are not visible from the front of the gutter, so this is the technique that is more commonly used. Copper gutter systems are also available (at a premium price) and can add a touch of elegance to your home. Both systems require regular maintenance, particularly in wooded areas where leaves and other debris can clog an otherwise perfect system. There are various solutions to reduce gutter maintenance and prevent clogging of traditional gutter systems. Gutter caps can be installed to prevent debris from entering the system. Gutters screens are another common cover option, but present a challenge in that debris can settle on top of them, ultimately rendering the gutter less effective. If maintained properly, though, both can work effectively.

Another solution, growing in popularity, is the covered gutter system. While more expensive, these gutter products feature a cover that prevents clogging and keeps water moving away from your home. Better yet, covered gutters come in various colors to match your home, and are less likely to fade or crack in extreme weather. In the long run, you’ll have fewer headaches and might actually save money.

At the end of the day, you’ll need to balance your budget, the maintenance costs, and your personal preferences to select the best gutter system for your needs. Be sure to check the “Product and Services” section of each company profile to find the right gutter solution for your home.

If you are considering a new roof and new gutters, it makes sense to complete both jobs together. Many roofing companies offer both services, are happy to assess both your roofing and gutter needs, and will sometimes offer substantial discounts for doing both jobs while their crew and equipment are already onsite. If you use different companies for each job, install gutters after the roofing work is complete to prevent damages to your new gutter system.

Remove leaves and other debris from your gutter system regularly to assure that water flows off and away from your home. Be sure that your gutters' downspouts are pointed toward lower ground elevations so that water does not back into your home.

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