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Research Methodology

At, our mission is simple. “To connect homeowners with the finest home service providers, creating an enjoyable home improvement experience while assuring exceptional customer service.”

As an independent research firm, we accomplish this goal by extensively researching home service companies, identifying top performers in each home service category and then communicating this important information to homeowners through our consumer-friendly Annual Report and our robust website, The quality of our data is rooted in our Member qualification and customer service standards.

At, we conduct a proprietary, 5-step research process that ensures only the very best home service providers make the grade and are included in our “Homeowner Approved” program.

What Is “Homeowner Approved?”
Step One: Universe Study. The first step in finding the best craftsmen in any trade involves identifying a comprehensive list of contractors that perform a particular service.
Step Two: Pre-qualification. Next, we narrow the list of “suspects” to a shorter list of “prospects” to be considered for our “Homeowner Approved” program. Companies will only proceed through the process if they are “A” rated by the Better Business Bureau, Angie’s List, or some other reputable rating agency, or if they come highly recommended by the National Association of the Remodeling Industry or a company that has already been “Homeowner Approved”.
Step Three: Face-to-Face Interview. Upon pre-qualification, we meet with the owner or an officer of the company to explain our program, and learn more about the business under review. Our goal here is to confirm our preliminary research and determine whether the company really measures up to our expectations.
Step Four: “Homeowner Approved” Survey. If the interview yields a positive outcome, we ask for the contact information of the last 100 customers served by the company being evaluated. Our researchers then reach out to a random selection of homeowners and talk with them directly about their experience with the company. Through our survey, we grade the company on 10 points of customer service, everything from phone skills to workmanship to punch list resolution. To be designated “Homeowner Approved” a company must come highly recommended and receive an “A” score from their customers.
Step Five: Re-certification. Each year, we repeat Step 4 for each of our participating companies to re-confirm high standards of customer satisfaction. Non-performing companies are removed from the program.
Our disciplined selection criteria results in a more predictable outcome for consumers looking for quality help around their home. We take pride in this process, and assure that only top performing contractors make the grade. For more information on our “Homeowner Approved” program, please visit our website,

Customer Service Pledge
Customer satisfaction is one of the primary objectives of our “Homeowner Approved” program. To help accomplish this important goal, we require Member companies to sign off on the following pledge before appearing on our site:

As a “Homeowner Approved” service provider, we understand that our company has earned an “A” rating on the Customer Satisfaction Report, and that we have not purchased this recognition. So that we can benefit from our strong customer satisfaction rating, we have elected to participate in the “Homeowner Approved” program. As a program participant, we agree to have publicize our rating and other company information to homeowners through its website and Annual Report.

With our membership agreement, we have committed to:
1. Treating payments to Home Service Reports as a marketing expense and not passing them to consumers with rate increases or materials shortcuts.
2. Continuing to provide the exceptional customer service that helped us earn our “A” rating.
3. Resolving all homeowner concerns with a high degree of urgency and integrity.
4. Maintaining required business and professional trade licenses.
5. Keeping our liability and workers’ compensation insurances current.

How Was Your Home Improvement Experience?
Did your “Homeowner Approved” company live up to this pledge? Please provide feedback on your home improvement experience by selecting the following link and rating one of our Member companies:

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