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Outdoor Living Projects that are Popular

Charlotte, NC

You have invited a few neighbors and family to come over this weekend and catch the Panthers football game. You check the weather, put together your grocery list, then you look at your backyard and the wheels start to turn. The grill has survived another year, chairs are holding up well, but you want to spruce up your outdoor living area. Where to start?

It is happening all over America during the fall and, if you are like me, you love entertaining in the backyard or on the deck. Nothing is better than a cookout on the deck or building an outdoor fire on a Saturday night.

Here are some ideas for outdoor living:

If you are considering an outdoor living project, the first item (that often gets overlooked) is the exit from your home and the entrance into your backyard. How do you get from the inside to the outside? What type of exterior door do you have? SouthEnd, Inc. has installed French doors or sliding glass doors that welcome you to the deck or backyard, bring light into your home, and invite guests to your outdoor living area.

A deck built with treated lumber or composite materials is the number one project for outdoor living. Make sure you build a safe, strong deck. Depending on budget, you can design anything from a simple 10′ x 12′ deck to a multi-tiered deck with built-in appliances. Most contractors will have options for design. There are building code requirements to consider, too.

A custom built pergola can add to an existing deck, or create an entryway into the garden area of your backyard. A pergola defines an outdoor space without constraining it. And, it’s just the thing to bring backyard landscaping to life.

Pools, fountains, and fire pits are some of the most popular features of outdoor living, and now is the time to get a good deal from your local contractor for these projects.

One of the most inexpensive ways to spruce up your deck this fall is adding seasonal plants. Whether it is adding color by replacing tired summer annuals with cool-weather annuals or placing perennials in large planters, there is nothing more colorful than a bright yellow mum.

Many of our customers are inspired by ideas they have seen on HGTV or online for sprucing up their outdoor living areas. Whether you are looking at a sunken patio, privacy screening around your backyard, or an outdoor fire pit, there are many projects to consider for your outdoor living space.

Outdoor living is alive and well in my community, are you ready for a cook-out?

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Article submitted by Mark Whitlock of SouthEnd Home Improvement