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Metro GreenScape Landscaping

Metro GreenScape Landscaping has been officially recertified as a Home Owner Approved Company! They have been Home Owner Approved since 2011, and continuously provide fantastic customer service for a wide range of projects and customers.


home-service-reports-ncNORTH CAROLINA HOME IMPROVEMENT, REPAIR, AND REMODELING EXPERTS is a trusted source of home improvement companies, home repair contractors, and remodeling experts in the Charlotte, North Carolina areas. If you are considering upgrading your home’s hot water heater for a tank-less system, replacing your central air conditioning unit for better energy efficiency, or remodeling part of your home’s interior, be sure to utilize to compare home improvement companies, get free price quotes, and locate discount offers for all your home repair and renovation projects.

Home Improvement and Repair Advice
Interview at least three companies, and ask them the tough questions. We recommend that you interview several contractors before making your final selection. How long have they been in business? Are they members of the Better Business Bureau? What is their contractor’s license number? Do they have “before” and “after” pictures? Will they set up a site visit with a previously served customer so you can inspect their work firsthand? How do they resolve punch list items? Can they explain common pitfalls of the work? Can they show proof of insurance and workers’ compensation?

Get as many references as possible. conducts exhaustive research before endorsing a home service provider. We recommend that you seek as many personal references as possible, particularly if you go outside the membership base.

Get at least three “apples-to-apples” home improvement or repair quotes. Make sure to clearly outline what you want completed, and get comparable quotes from at least three providers. Cheaper does not always mean better. Go with the combination of price and quality that makes the most sense given your needs and budget.

Seek home improvement references from trusted sources like Our membership selection has been based on countless hours of research and extensive homeowner feedback. Because of our due diligence, you are more likely to be satisfied with the quality of work provided by our member companies. Other useful sources of information are your neighbors, friends, family, and coworkers. But, remember, one reference is not enough to make a strategic selection when it comes to finding reliable home improvement and remodeling contractors.

Get More Free Home Improvement Advice
Additional information about planning a home improvement or renovation project, as well as additional tips and advice for selecting contractors and repair companies is available in our home improvement articles section.

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“Homeowner Approved” air conditioning repair, roof repair, electricians, home remodelers, and plumbers in Charlotte, NC.


Home Maintenance Checklist – Summer Tips            Newly painted exterior of a North American home during summertime with green grass and flower beds

This Summer home maintenance checklist offers tips and advice to keep your home’s systems–especially your air

conditioning–in good working order during hot Summer months.

  1. Change/clean HVAC air filters.
  2. If applicable, have your septic tank system inspected to assure that it is in good working order.
  3. Have lateral sewer lines inspected and cleared.
  4. Inspect driveways, sidewalks, patios, bricks, and other concrete or stone surfaces for cracks. Repair as needed.
  5. Remove hair from drains in tubs, sinks, and showers using drain cleaner that is appropriate for your system.
  6. Inspect decks, steps, and wooden structures for wood rot and other damage. Make repairs as soon as possible to minimize further complications.
  7. Weatherproof all wooden surfaces if it has been two years or more since you last did so.
  8. Check eaves around your home’s roof, chimneys, caps, etc. Remove flying insect nests. Fix any damaged areas.
  9. Test ground-fault circuit interrupters around your home. Examine electrical cords for wear.
  10. Inspect washer hoses and dryer vent system.

Get more homeowner home maintenance checklists and home improvement tips from